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Flyer Pride

Flyer Pride is students showing respect, responsibility, positive attitude, and safety.

Students show Flyer Pride in environments around school; in classrooms, hallways, school grounds, commons, activities, and assemblies, and with technology and social media. 

Flyer Pride in the community looks and sounds like:
  • Using appropriate language
  • Driving and walking safely
  • Being helpful and respectful to others in actions and words
  • Obeying all school, local, state, and federal laws
  • Disposing of trash appropriately, keeping the environment clean
Ways to show Flyer Pride at home:
  • Be respectful on social media
  • Use appropriate language
  • Show respect and kindness to others
  • Respect property and personal space
Ways to teach Flyer Pride at home:
  • Set clear, consistent, and predictable behavior expectations
  • Teach alternatives and use reminders
  • Use positive reinforcement 
  • Set clear, consistent, and predictable family routines 
  • Talk about what being respectful, responsible, safe, and having a positive attitude looks like at home

Flyer Pride is rewarded using COOL Tickets that can be redeemed for items in the COOL Commissary or on Freezie Fridays.

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