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Middle School Homecoming Dress up Days

Week: Sept. 25-29th  

  • Monday- Woke up Like This #pjday #onesie  
  • Tuesday- Trio Day/Duo Day Doppelganger  #saltpepper #thingonethingtwo #TimonandPumba    #Michael&Dwight  
  • Wednesday- Barbie vs Ken Day #beachBarbie #businessBarbie #boynextdoorKen #princeKen #moviestarBarbie  
  • Thursday- Class Color Clash Day! 8th Grade-Purple, 7th grade- Gold, 6th grade- Black, Staff-white out!  
  • Friday- Flyer Pride #flyercolors
September 2023 Flyer Update

On August 21, 2023, Samantha Bartos and Hannah Strunk became the very first student representatives to the School Board in the history of the District. They join the program to discuss what they hope to accomplish as the first student representatives to the School Board and share their thoughts on some areas they feel need to be addressed. #FlyerUpdate


September 2023 Flyer Update:

Educators gathered around light bulb lit AVID sign posing for a picture.

This past week, a group of high school and middle school teachers were able to attend the AVID Summer Institute Convention in Minneapolis. Sourcewell sponsored our trip with several other Region 5 school districts. AVID stands for advancement via individual determination. It is a college and career readiness framework that the middle and high school has been a part of for seven years. The teachers and administrators that had the opportunity to attend were able to spend the week learning and growing together for the betterment of our students and staff. They will be bringing back a lot of professional development to share with our staff.