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Principal Welcome

Welcome to Little Falls Community Middle School!

Middle school is a time when students are encouraged to take charge of their education. It is a time to lay the foundation for a successful high school experience preparing to be college and career ready at the completion of high school. During your middle school years, build a strong foundation! Challenge yourself to get the most out of every class. Be a creative thinker. Work hard. Ask questions if you don’t understand or need clarification. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail; this is how we learn! (F.A.I.L. – First Attempt In Learning!)

Your willingness to work hard, think positively, and treat others the way you want to be treated is what will define the level of success, fulfillment, and enjoyment you will experience this school year. Make it a good one!

Below are a few basic expectations for all students attending Little Falls Community Middle School:

  • Expectation 1: Try your hardest and do your best. Be prepared for class and complete your assignments on time.
  • Expectation 2: Take responsibility not only for your learning, but help others learn too! Don’t forget that you are one of the many important people in our building. Understand that others’ right to learn is as important as yours!
  • Expectation 3: Manage yourself. Do what is right! Step up to the challenge of being a leader versus a follower. Lead positively!
  • Expectation 4: Treat others with kindness and respect. Challenge yourself to say something kind to someone every day.
  • Expectation 5: Take care of the school building and property. We are extremely proud of our facilities and hope you feel the same.
  • Expectation 6: Make good choices!

I believe in each and every one of you! The middle school staff and I will do all we can to help you have a successful middle school experience!

Parents, please review the school calendar and handbook with your student(s) so we can be united in our expectations for the upcoming school year. You will notice in the following pages that there is a significant emphasis on Flyer Pride. I would encourage you to become familiar with our matrix of behavior expectations for students. Over the course of the school year, these expectations will be taught and reinforced with all students. At Little Falls Community School, we value your child's education and are committed to ensuring a positive climate for learning.

I appreciate your commitment to our school and eagerly anticipate working with each of you!


Nate Swenson
Little Falls Community Middle School Principal

Nathan Swenson

Nathan Swenson