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Why Electives?

Middle school is a time when students are encouraged to take charge of their education. Our scheduled is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore many different offerings throughout the year. Each quarter, students are given the opportunity to complete a survey to indicate their interest in the elective offerings, and every effort is made to give each student one of their top selections.

  • All students must take a minimum of one quarter of physical education per year. Students may enroll in physical education multiple times.
  • Students who are enrolled in Band or Choir (both year long classes), will take four additional electives, one each quarter, from the list below.
  • Students who are not enrolled in Band or Choir will take eight quarter classes over the course of the school year (and a minimum of three quarters of will be Physical Education).
  • Students currently enrolled in Band have the option this year to enroll in both Band and Choir during the second and third quarter this school year. If a band student wishes to be enrolled in both Band and Choir during the second and third quarter, Choir would take the place of other specialist class options during second and third quarter.

Current Elective Offerings

Agriculture (7-8th Grade Only)

Agriculture is an important part of our world. We will introduce you to the world of agriculture, FFA, and natural resources. Explore agriculture and natural resources, covering everything from livestock to pets, and field crops to vegetables, flowers and trees. Many hands-on activities will be embedded into the course. Students will have the opportunity to learn about various career opportunities in agriculture and natural resources.


Students in Visual Arts explore a variety of mediums in the Teaching for Artistic Behavior/Choice-based Classroom by accessing studios and meeting challenges based on individual ideas, interests, themes and genres. Through exploration of design, drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques students will progress their artistic abilities and have a firm understanding of Art Elements and Principles.


Band is offered as a year long class.


Choir is offered as a year long class.

Health and Habits

This class focuses on developing the 4 C's of 21st Century Skills, while learning about physical health and habits:

  • Critical thinking: Finding solutions to problems
  • Creativity: Thinking outside the box
  • Collaboration: Working with others
  • Communication: Talking with others

Industrial Tech

A hands on experience! Students will work on various projects using both hand and power tools to create various projects. Topics covered include machine safety, mechanical gears, electricity, design, and construction. Students will create projects while working individually and in groups.

Physical Education

In Physical Education you will be exposed to lifelong fitness activities that will benefit your health and well-being. Students will have the opportunity to participate in team and individual sports, recreational activities that stress cardiovascular endurance. We will work on muscular strength and muscular development. Heart Rate will be monitored throughout the class.


Students will develop critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration skills while designing and creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects, with a focus on gaining computational thinking and coding skills. All levels of experience are welcome!


In Wellness we focus on Social and Emotional Learning. Units include Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, and Relationship Skills. Students partake in a wide range of stress management strategies such as yoga, nature walks, coloring, and more. They will also look at their own self-care and hygiene practices. We also welcome guest speakers that come into present on Drug Education and Mental Health. 

World Language/Spanish (7-8th Grade Only)

This course includes a brief introduction to the history and development of languages and gives students the beginning foundation of the Spanish language. Students will be introduced to Hispanic culture, including customs, art, music, and history.