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WIN Time

What is WIN Time?

At LFCMS we have a 42 min period at the end of the school day we can W.I.N. Time or "What I Need Time". Each day students enroll themselves into a W.I.N Time offering based on what they need or what they would like on that given day. In addition, teachers have the ability to schedule students in with them if they know the student needs extra academic support, has missing assignments, needs to complete assignments due to an absence, etc. Students that are not scheduled by a teacher have a variety of W.I.N Time choices. Offerings range from homework help, silent reading time, Karaoke, games, athletic activities, etc. We even have a community volunteer that comes in regularly to teach students sewing. 

Want to Get Involved?

We love to have volunteers come in and teach classes!!! In the past we have had community volunteers teach classes such as making ice fishing decoys, knitting, how to make chex mix, and many more. If you would have interest in offering a W.I.N time class we would love to have you. Classes have ranged from one day classes to eight days or more. We can be very flexible. If interested, contact Wade Mathers at We will need to conduct a background check and complete some other paperwork that we would be glad to help you with!