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Student Support

At LFCMS we have many staff in the building whose sole purpose is to help students each day. Our social worker, school counselor, and dean of students are three integral people who assist in many day-to-day needs of students. Based on research, mental health needs are a big focus of what is done each day with students; working through peer problems, reflecting on emotions and working towards regulation, addressing anxiety, addressing depression, and giving students a safe space to resolve conflicts and just to be themselves. Other ways kids are supported is through our Student Assistance Team, which is where teachers come for help with students in the form of academic or behavior interventions. These pieces are important to ensure that we are providing individualized academic support in appropriate ways, when necessary. Behavior interventions are the same, we create and introduce interventions tailored to eachs student to create support around the behavior seen in school. These interventions tend to work well for students and allow them to find success.

While not every day at school is great, we are here for that too. There are always times when there is work being done with students on emotional regulation, de-escalation, behavior monitoring, and assessing the needs and safety of a student. Crisis interventions are done with discretion, to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the student(s) involved. Parent or guardians will always receive communication from the school during these times. 

Aside from people in the building, we have many programs that are for student support as well. We have Flyer Pride, which is our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program; here we work with students on expected behaviors in different environments and encourage students using positive reinforcement. As part of our Flyer Pride program we use COOL tickets as reinforcement, students can then redeem COOL tickets for freezies, for open gym, or at our school store called the COOL Commissary. We also have a Kare Kloset, where students in the school can get any kinds of items they need, from school supplies to jackets and shoes.